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What Is Breakthrough Branding?

We are a growing business based in Northampton that helps small and growing businesses attract and convert more leads. We use a holistic approach to brand strategy. We align sales and marketing strategies. Our main purpose is to gain more traction for our clients and to build trust by leveraging brand strategy.

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Why Breakthrough Branding Was Born

When we embarked on our previous ventures, we encountered numerous obstacles. We discovered the critical importance of adopting a holistic approach to brand strategy. This was the foundation for growth at Breakthrough Branding. We prioritise comprehensive brand strategy that goes beyond short-term goals. With our methodology, we achieved a significant rise in lead quality, sales conversions and profitability for us and our clients. Thanks to the trials and tribulations we have faced, we have devised a brand strategy solution capable of fitting any brand, regardless of size or budget.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?

Our approach is developed to overcome barriers that separate sales strategies and marketing efforts. Most businesses find it difficult to link short-term strategies to long-term sustainability. Thanks to our unique approach, we have found that a unified strategy that addresses all elements of a brand are essential to grow.

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Our Values.

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We are goal-oriented.

We are committed to constantly evolving and developing as a brand. We believe in the power of brand strategy as a vehicle to transform sales conversions, profitability and organisational efficiency.

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We are transparent.

We will always speak the truth as we see it. We will not shy away from presenting you with elements of your brand that we think needs some TLC. We are comfortable with controversy in the pursuit of honesty.

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We learn from mistakes.

We have made and witnessed many mistakes. They have been a powerful tool for our personal and business growth. We share our previous experience with our clients so that they can learn alongside us. We set a culture in our team that mistakes are never barriers to growth: we always soldier on.

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We practice integrity.

Integrity for us means doing what is right even when nobody else is looking. Experience and research are the drivetrain behind our practice. Together, we acknowledge and share our own shortcomings and utilise these for personal and collective progress.

Meet the Team.

Introducing our team of experts, each committed to leveling the playing field in brand strategy.

Michael Doyle Headshot

Michael Doyle

Leading with innovation, steering our strategic brand vision.

Harry Polnyj Headshot

Harry Polnyj

At the helm, melding creativity with strategic brand evolution.

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Sales Executive

George Ingram

Navigating client needs, architecting bespoke branding solutions.

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Sales Executive

Adam Gamble

Building client connections, catalysing brand growth strategies.

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Marketing Executive

Jade Johnston

Crafting narratives, amplifying brands across digital landscapes.

Interested in joining our company?

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented people to join our growing team. Get in touch to find out more.

Who We Are.

Dedicated to innovating brand strategies that reflect your unique vision and goals, fostering growth and connection.

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We are Breakthrough Branding.

As serial startup entrepreneurs, Harry and Michael were frustrated with the barriers to high quality brand strategy services, only available to companies with large budgets. Breakthrough Branding was built with a primary purpose of breaking through obstacles for startup and growing businesses looking to achieve an effective brand strategy.

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We believe in Synergy.

We firmly believe in the principle of synergy. The power of synergy is the cornerstone of Breakthrough Branding. The idea of two brains working together in unison to generate more value than the sum of two brains apart: 2+2=5.

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We Believe in Collaboration.

Effective brand strategy brings together all the touch points of the brand as a cohesive whole to be understood by internal and external stakeholders alike. Our process has proven effective because we partner with our clients. From your initial discovery conversation through to project completion, we aim to embed ourselves within your team to unify our goals as one.

Who We Are Not.

Rejecting one-size-fits-all approaches, we ensure your brand's strategy is as unique as your vision.

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We Are Not Exclusive.

High quality brand strategy should be available to businesses of all sizes and stages. We have carefully designed our packages to be cost effective. Price should not be a barrier to leveraging branding for business growth. We have a package to tailor to any budget.

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We Are Not Template-Driven.

We are determined to understand your goals and requirements to create a bespoke strategy for your brand. Every project is different. We align your requirements to our packages, not the other way around. During a discovery conversation, we aim to understand your USPs and brand positioning. We will create a shared roadmap with clear goals.

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We Are Not Static.

We keep up to date with latest developments within our sector and are committed to staying at the cutting edge of brand strategy. At Breakthrough Branding we are ever evolving to optimise our approach. However new isn’t always best. We keep our approach rooted in traditional principles of brand strategy.

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Come and visit us!

Discover where creativity meets strategy. Visit our headquarters to see our team in action, explore our dynamic workspace, and discuss how we can help elevate your brand. We're more than just a strategy firm; we're a partner in your brand's journey towards excellence.

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Our Office is Based in London.


128 City Rd,
United Kingdom,

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What Do You Offer?

Breakthrough Branding offers tailored brand strategy solutions to every partner we collaborate with. We offer exclusive design and creation of a cohesive brand identity strategy, that allows businesses to scale, outgrow and outlast competitors.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our price breakdown is bespoken from project from project. This is because we offer unification and amplification of your already existing brand strategy. This ultimately means that we craft each experience to be most suited to what your brand desires and requires.

We aim to offer more than simple design concepts, copywriting, and campaigns, we align all of these aspects and more to create a strong brand image across all touchpoints.

What Should I Expect to Receive?

At every level of service, we provide market analysis and competitor research, to identify your current brand positioning. After this has been completed every strategy is designed carefully to reflect the outcome of the identification phase, rendering each strategy unique to your individual requirements.

How Long Will This Project Take?

We recommend 4-12 weeks is the expected time frame for projects to be completed, However our collaboration is continuous throughout and even after this process. This includes our framework content, which is designed to be evergreen, to outlast everchanging market conditions.

What is the Process?

As much as we may offer bespoke solutions from client to client, our winning formula is always the same:
Phase 1 – Identification.
Phase 2 – Intentions.
Phase 3 – Implementation.
Phase 4 – Impact.

We’re not UK Based, Does That Matter?

No. We have moved our services to be primarily online based, to work with your brand most effectively and efficiently. This includes phone calls, video calls, email correspondence, and online presentation. We do also offer bespoke face to face workshops within the UK.

Do You Do All of the Work?

As Co-Founders, we are the heart of all content creation, design, and concept development. As serial startup entrepreneurs we have tried and tested our winning formula, developing it as we have progressed. There will be aspects where we collaborate with our team of experts to further enhance the produced strategy we provide; however this is always in direct alignment with our core values and strategy of success.

Who Will Design Our Content?

We will assign our allocated professional designer to manage and create any graphic design your brand will need. We also produce workshops and webinars outlining the use of software’s (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro) designed to allow you to create your own design if you so choose.

Have You Done Any Work in ‘Our’ Industry?

We started our journeys in the educational sector, moved into the trade sector and developed a sales background before deciding to embark on this journey.

We have worked meticulously to create a formula designed to be transferrable from industry to industry, so that we can best adapt to the individual requirements you need.

How Do You Accept Payment?

Our payment plans again are specific to the crafted solution for your brand. There is a 25-75% down payment for most projects. All brand strategy projects are 100% upfront. Our payment schedules are via bank transfer or PayPal. Upon the closing payment, the rights to all of the content created and your bespoke solution will be transferred to you, so that you can continue to implement our solution, even after we have completed our collaboration.

How Do We Get Started?

To build your brand evolution, book a free 30-minute discovery call to start your journey today. Our services are unique in approach, and therefore we work with your team very closely, meaning we collaborate with a small number of clients at one time, to ensure you get the required partnership with us to grow and collaborate. Get in contact to define your brand legacy and overtake your competitors as soon as possible.

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